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Marketing – Beyond Proposals: Turn Overhead into Revenue – Tammi Nagucki, CPSM

Does marketing mean proposals for your firm? There is a recent trend changing that focus. More firms are increasing their investment in marketing, resulting in real revenue growth. We’ll explore several paths for you to drive revenue from the marketing chair at your firm, expand your digital marketing knowledge, and incorporate consumer marketing strategies. We’ll discuss how you can become involved with strategic planning and take your seat at the leadership table because you are the eyes and ears of trends in this industry. From project engagement and communications to client experience, we’ll talk about ways you can add value and bill time to engineering, design, planning, and construction projects. We’re seeing an increasing number of requests to add communication, branding, and digital marketing services to our projects. Clients recognize that project success depends on quality communication with their constituents throughout the project, and a client experience program that incorporates regular feedback provides a new level of success for our technical teams and clients. As a marketer, you are in the unique position to drive all these initiatives and differentiate your firm from the rest as a trusted advisor to your clients. If you’re ready to take your career and your firm to the next level, join me and I’ll walk you through the steps.

We’ll discuss:

  1. The need to boost marketing efforts during challenging economic times.
  2. The best places to draw inspiration for your marketing efforts and story-telling.
  3. Including a communications position on your technical team proposals, and adding a revenue stream to positions that are otherwise considered overhead.
  4. Vision – not just for marketing, but for every aspect of your company – how to find your inner strategic visionary.
  5. Leadership – why your role as a marketer doesn’t have to stop with proposals and graphics. Discover ways to add value to the big conversations at your firm and advance your career.

I’m Tammi Nagucki, CPSM – Principal – Marketing and Client Experience at Environmental Design Group with offices in Columbus, Akron and Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve quickly advanced my career by using the tools I’m going to discuss during this session. I’ve been in the industry for only 7 years starting where many of you started – writing proposals. My ambition got the best of me and I found ways to add value to my positions and finally landed in a place where my innovation,n and strategic thinking, is valued and encouraged. The biggest part of my role now is coaching my team and others to do the same – reach for success in unlikely places and add value no matter your current role.

In the months leading up to the SMPS Heartland Regional Conference, feel free to connect with me and ask questions that I can address ahead of our session – I’d love to assist you with your ambitions! Until then, I’ll look forward to meeting you.

Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Tammi Nagucki, CPSM


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