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Level Up Your Digital Analytics and Connect the ROI Dots With Data Storytelling – Tim Asimos

Hey there, my name is Tim Asimos and I am honored to be returning to speak at the 2022 SMPS Heartland Regional Conference. Perhaps you’ve previously heard me speak, watched me on a webinar or read one of my many articles. If not, I wanted to share a little bit about my background. I am passionate about sharing knowledge and helping people learn new things and see the world from a different perspective. My insights are fueled by the work I do every day as Partner and Director of Digital at circle S studio, a marketing agency that specializes in working with A/E/C, B2B and professional services firms. My unique perspective is shaped by experience working in the industry as head of marketing for a civil engineering firm prior to joining circle S in 2013. 

I’ve been a member of SMPS since 2006 and received my Certified Professional Services Marketer designation back in 2009. I’ve been in the trenches and know what it’s like to answer to Principals and live under the gun of proposal deadlines.  So why does this matter? Well, it means that my experience in the industry as well as being a consultant to firms like yours, allows me to bring relevant and actionable ideas and insights to A/E/C marketers. As a speaker, I have three primary goals: to provide you with a new perspective, a chuckle or two and enough tangible ideas to make your hand cramp up from non-stop note-taking!

For the 2022 conference, I’m thrilled to talk about modern marketing. One of the most incredible things about modern marketing is how increasingly trackable our activities have become. Mounds of data are available to track digital channels such as websites, email, social media and video. But data can be overwhelming—especially for busy A/E/C marketers who are often over-tasked and yet pressured to demonstrate the ROI of their efforts. The truth is that data alone (views, plays, likes and clickthrough rates) is virtually meaningless without taking the steps to uncover insights that lead to action. Beneath the data are compelling stories that explain the why behind the numbers, provide marketers with insights that lead to more effective marketing and provide the ability to connect the dots to your firm’s strategic objectives. 

Data storytelling is a powerful tool to tell the stories behind the numbers. It provides a framework for analytics that not only makes sense of the data but also makes it easy to present the findings in a way that anyone can understand. So if you’re a marketer who wants to learn a more effective way of analyzing the data, drawing out actionable insights, and then telling the stories behind the numbers, I highly encourage you to attend my session. I’ll be sharing the what, why and how of data storytelling. You’ll learn how to look for patterns, anecdotes and stories in digital data. I’ll teach you how to apply storytelling techniques to analytics so that you can better communicate the value of your marketing activities. 

I look forward to seeing you in April!

– Tim

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